Dragon Scale to Twoja partnerska agencja UX.


Jeste艣my online i chcemy stworzy膰 dla Ciebie 艣wietny UX
Dragon Scale to Twoja partnerska agencja UX.


Jeste艣my online i chcemy stworzy膰 dla Ciebie 艣wietny UX
Dragon Scale to Twoja partnerska agencja UX.


Jeste艣my online i chcemy stworzy膰 dla Ciebie 艣wietny UX
Dragon Scale to Twoja partnerska agencja UX.


Jeste艣my online i chcemy stworzy膰 dla Ciebie 艣wietny UX
Dragon Scale to Twoja partnerska agencja UX.


Jeste艣my online i chcemy stworzy膰 dla Ciebie 艣wietny UX
Dragon Scale to Twoja partnerska agencja UX.


Jeste艣my online i chcemy stworzy膰 dla Ciebie 艣wietny UX

User Experience

We are called Dragon Scale. We specialize in strategic UX/UI design.
In partnership with our clients. Always for the user.

Let鈥檚 talk about your website, online store or app.


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UX/UI DesignSprawd藕 co mamy dla Ciebie i Twoich u偶ytkownik贸w

Some of the partners we already helped:

Zosta艅 klientem i opublikuj swoje logo.

Here's the place for your logo

Logo firmy Benchmark.pl, kt贸rej jeste艣my partnerem.

More than 4 million users per month!


We are a committed UX agency.
When we take on a project, we become your partner as well.

Witryny internetowe i e-commerce

Online stores and websites

We design and implement highly efficient online stores. Our main focus is to create a refined User Experience and develop an eye-catching branding for the product.

Tworzymy user experience dla startup贸w


Prototypes, mockups or MVPs. We will design anything that has an interface, and in the process often include testing the overall experience on your user.

Projektujemy apki, prototypy i MVP

App design

Throughout the development process we focus primarily on the user, their flow and the context of interaction. It鈥檚 all done to make the user eager to use your product.

Dragon Scale tworzy nie tylko UX - tworzymy tak偶e strategi臋聽produktuDragon Scale tworzy nie tylko UX - tworzymy tak偶e strategi臋聽produktu

All of the above, seasoned with strategy

Whether we design a website, an app or an online store - strategy is always going to be our initial goal.

Together, we need to understand who is the target of our message, what those people's priorities are, and how we will plan the project.

Nasze portfolio sk艂ada si臋 z korporacji, du偶ych serwis贸w i ma艂ych firm.Pomo偶emy Ci nie tylko w przygotowaniu grafiki, ale tak偶e w zrozumieniu Twoich u偶ytkownik贸w


In our portfolio you can find both Start-ups and large online platforms.

Pan Plan



Popular medical site


Huge tech website

Planet Stories

UX/UI design for apps
Pan Plan to nowoczesna aplikacja do zarz膮dzania projektami

Pan Plan

UX / UI / Strategy

Start-up, project management application. We prepared the strategy, part of the UX and UI.

Projekt TestDNA wci膮偶聽jest programowany.


89% better redesign result*

Project is in the implementation phase. Redesign of one of the largest medical websites in Poland.
*Speed of purchase in usability testing of prototype VS old site design.

4 million users


4 million monthly users and collaboration in terms of UX. We鈥檙e assisting this huge platform in understanding users and leveraging the power of User Experience.

Planet Stories to aplikacja na Ios i Android, kt贸r膮 zaprojektowali艣my

Planet Stories

UI design

Planet Stories is an educational app raising awareness about the effects of ocean littering, created by Giant Lazer. During the app鈥檚 development, we worked on its User Experience and User Interface.

See in GooglePlay >


Our workflow and methods are based entirely on your user

Chcemy zrozumie膰 Twoje potrzeby przed rozpocz臋ciem projektu

1. Let's meet

We need to understand your situation. Tell us what you want to create, who are we designing for, and what design challenges do you see.鈥ㄢ After this stage, we will be able to provide a pricing for your project.

Pr贸bka pracy UX/UI to standard w naszym procesie

2. Need a sample of our work? No problem鈥

We understand this perfectly - deciding on who to work with is not that simple. However, we want to make the process easier for you. Depending on the needs of your project, we can provide a suitable sample to start with.

We usually provide the first two screens of the application / site or conduct a strategy workshop.

Let鈥檚 start with a sample
Zacznijmy od pr贸bki
Warsztat wprowadzaj膮cy pozwala nam zrozumie膰 Twoje potrzeby i za艂o偶enia

3. Introductory workshop and strategy

Each project starts with a workshop where we gather all the necessary information and together create a strategy and a detailed plan. Workshops combined with discussion beat any documents you could ever provide.

Przy procesie UXowym nie tylko projektujemy, lecz tak偶e badamy i konsultujemy Tw贸j projekt

4. Research, design and consulting

There is nothing left for us but to go through the next stages of the project, all of which will be consulted with you accordingly.鈥ㄢ At this stage, we will use techniques such as UX mockups, prototypes, research with users or data exploration in analytical tools.

Frequently asked questions

You offer "User Experience" design - what does that actually mean?

The term UX has accumulated a number of myths.
For us, a good User Experience is first and foremost:

-- Utilizing user psychology - being experienced by various projects, we understand how people use websites and apps, what they think and how to encourage them to take specific actions.

-- Usable - is there anything more annoying than an app or website that we don't know how to use?

-- Tested! - unfortunately, despite their expertise, no User Experience designer is a fortune teller - we can't accurately predict how a user will behave in a clash with an application or a website. That鈥檚 why together we should use the tools that allow us to base your product on facts - usability tests, surveys, or simply conversations with your users. This drastically reduces the risks of the project, while also allowing you to increase its quality.

How does our cooperation begin?

Our cooperation should definitely start with an initial consultation. Once we understand the project more thoroughly, we will be able to price it and provide a precise offer.

After receiving the exact pricing, you can take your time to decide and choose whether to start working with us right away or begin with a design sample to make sure we are the right agency for you.

What happens at the first consultation?

The first consultation is a non-committal conversation about your project and your situation. Using our expert knowledge, we will advise you on what to pay attention to in your project and together understand if we can help each other.

The conversation takes about 25 minutes.

What do you do besides UX/UI design?

We use a number of tools that allow us to ultimately prepare a great product, and we also offer them as services:
-- Usability tests
-- UX audits
-- Conversion optimization
-- Programming websites using Wordpress or Webflow
-- Full website redesigns
-- User research based on in-depth interviews, surveys and other methods
-- IT project management

How much does a project cost?

Projects, of course, differ significantly in the number of hours to be spent on them and the number of experts to be involved.

Cooperation with us starts at around PLN 2,000, and we often tailor our offer to, for example, startups and small companies that are just starting out. We want to help them and we know that they don't have a lot of funds, so we often prepare projects for them with a consideration of budget optimization.

Do you offer discounts for your partners?

Only in exceptions - one of them, for example, is that you help us to better understand our customers.

We constantly want to expand our knowledge of our customers' perspectives, because it simply helps us offer better services.

Fill out this survey and receive a 13% discount on your project with us.